White Chicken Chili

White Chili with Chicken and Turkey Sausage

Easy 3 steps to a great chili!!  Deliciously spicy.


  1. Ground chicken
  2. Hot Italian Turkey Sausage
  3. Great Northern White Beans
  4. Chicken Stock
  5. Frontera Tomatillo Sauce
  6. Spices
    1. Cumin
    2. Salt and Pepper to taste
    3. paprika, optional 


Step One:

  • In a hot 4-quart pot sear turkey sausage (casing removed) and ground chicken.  Crumble the sausage and ground chicken as it cooks to breakdown large chunks.
  • Add Onions, Great Northern white beans, Frontera Tomatillo Sauce, or any other tomatillo sauce you might like, chicken stock, and spices
  • Reduce heat to low for a slow simmer, cover and let cook for about an hour.

Remove from heat and serve.  Option to top with sour cream.  I topped mine with shredded Manchego cheese, and fresh cilantro.  Manchego has a buttery flavor and a cross between Parmesan and cheddar.  Delicious

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