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Guineos en Escabeche

Guineos en Escabeche, or pickled green bananas, is a crowd favorite in Puerto Rico and super easy to make.  Cooked green bananas in pickle sauce.

Let’s get started!

Begin by buying the greenest bananas in the market.  Yes, you read right.  Greenest as possible.

Other Ingredients needed for Escabeche

01 Onions

02 Garlic

03 Green Olives

04 Temperature and yeast

07 Oil and Vinegar

06 Peppercorns

05 Bay Leaves

08 Lemon. Optional

Cut the end of the bananas


  Cut the ends of the bananas and then cut them in half

Cut a slit down the length of the banana


This slit eases on peeling the banana later

Boil the Bananas


Boil bananas until they are fork tender

Remove the bananas from the water


Remove the bananas from the water and peel off their skin

Start Escabeche


Saute the onions and garlic in the oil until translucent.  Add olives, capers, and vinegar (with optional lemon)

Add bananas to Escabeche


I used tiny baby bananas, so I kept mine whole, but otherwise cut the bananas into 1" pieces.  Add to sauce

Pair with you favorite protein and  enjoy!!


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Zoe Forestier Morman