A bowl of fresh mofongo

Fried green plantains mashed with fresh garlic, pork rinds, and spices.  A delicious blend of flavor and texture.


  • Six plantains
  • Twelve cloves of garlic
  • One cup of pork rinds
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Half a teaspoon olive oil
  • Frying oil, enough to cover the plantains
  • Optional a splash of lemon juice


  1. Peel the plantains. Cut the plantains into 1-inch rounds.
  2. Soak the plantains in saltwater.
  3. Heat, not smoking, the frying oil in a frying pan.
  4. Once the oil is hot, drain the plantains and dry off any excess water.
  5. Begin frying the plantains in the pan.  Fry the rounds until lightly golden and cooked through.
  6. While the plantains are cooking, mash in the pestle and mortar or dice the garlic and mix with the olive oil.
  7. Add some of the plantains to the garlic mixture and mash them together.  Continue adding the plantains alternating with the pork rinds.
  8. Season with salt and pepper and give the mixture a couple of turns with the spoon to make sure ingredients are well incorporated and distributed.
  9. Options for service;  
    1. Take small amounts and roll them into balls.  I like to give them a quick fry at this point for an added crispy exterior.
    2. Scoop and serve simply as a side dish
    3. Line a cup or small bowl with some of the mixture.  Fill with desired protein, and close with another layer of mofongo, for a stuffed mofongo dome or ball.
    4. Scoop a large ball of mofongo into a bowl and ladle a brothy soup or it.  Fish stock or shrimp soup is great for this.



  1. I do not add all of the plantain rounds into the oil all at once. I usually divide the plantains into quarters and fry them as such. This avoids the development of steam within the oil and keeps the heat of the oil more stable.

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